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Entry #3


2009-05-27 08:22:16 by XorGate

As the thread has been locked, and I've been told to wait a month or two, I'll dump the top5's here for future reference.

27th of May, 2009 :
1) Euphoria [WIP] by teddygram (Hip Hop - Olskool Song)
2) Waterfall - NG EDIT (A->N) by ApproachingNirvana (Techno Song)
3) Douchebag Warrior Redux by Oney (Video Game Song)
4) Sungazer (OM) by Kr1z (Trance Song)
5) Mountain Flowers - F-777 by F-777 (Dance Song)

3rd of June, 2009 :
1) 1-800-Flowers Song by SplatterSocom (Voice Acting Song)
2) Stupid Mario Brothers Theme by giftedbuttwisted (Punk Song)
3) Soar Away by Shandu (Techno Song)
4) Final Countdown (DnB Remix) by nal1200 (Drum N Bass Loop)
5) All-Hard by GuitarmasterX7 (Miscellaneous Song)

10th of June, 2009 :
1) Rig - Zombies in Space! by Rig (Video Game Loop)
2) The Nintendo Concerto Ultimate by darphfluffy (Video Game Song)
3) *Hymn of Fayth* by ellebirdy23 (Video Game Song)
4) DXM - Take This Out! by tijnn (Drum N Bass Song)
5) [Aquatic] by KrawniK (Drum N Bass Song)

17th of June, 2009 :
1) The Ice-Cream Rap by FatKidWitAJetPak (Voice Acting Song)
2) Sodomy by SodomyKingz (Techno Song)
3) [DJ-G] Happy Poing Loop by DJ-Galax (Miscellaneous Loop)
4) [Dreaming] by teddygram (Hip Hop - Olskool Song)
5) ParagonX9 - Chaoz Airflow by ParagonX9 (Drum N Bass Song)

#3 is absolutely ridiculous. #5 was *very* predictable.

24th of June, 2009 :
1) DPulse/IxON - Electro Therapy by DigitalPulse (House Song)
2) Anxiety Cure - Club (A->N) by ApproachingNirvana (Techno Song)
3) Blackhole FX by axeFX (Techno Loop)
4) GuitarmasterX7's VA Demo by GuitarmasterX7 (Voice Acting Loop)
5) Come Clean [LK Remix] by LK412 (Dance Song)


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2009-06-17 07:39:42

27th of may = hooray!! :D

17th June, #3 is disgusting.


2009-06-17 08:10:57

OMG the #3 is just so wrong in so many ways i couldnt discribe it.
And WTF is with #5? Its just a redone of Chaoz Phantasy!!